Each year at the Annual Dinner Outstanding Cooperator of the Year Dinner, Calvert SCD recognizes a family or individual that demonstrates their commitment to conservation. By adopting new best management practices to protect soil and water resources to keep nutrients and sediment out of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries, you are setting a fine example of a farm to save the Bay as well as good conservation efforts for the environment. For your exemplary stewardship of the land, the wildlife that inhabit it, and the animals in your care, we thank you.

History of Outstanding Cooperators of the Year:

2023   Margaret and Mike Phipps, Mead’s Lane Farm

2022   None selected

2021   None selected

2020   None selected

2019   James & Jennifer Dowell, Tyverne Creek Farm

2018   Donny Bowen, Patuxent Overlook Farm

2017   Kathy Bowen, Legacy Farm

2016   Eddie Smith

2015   J.R. Cosgrove Family, Horsmon Farm

2014   Tiralla Family, Monnett Farm

2013   Josef Seidel

2012   Lester Holland

2011   S.L. Brady

2010   Mark & Bonnie Spicknall

2009   Judy Leavitt

2008   Mary Jean Ridgley

2007   William Dowell

2006   Walt Wells & Susie Hance-Wells

2005   Parran Briscoe

2004   Donald T. Gott

2003   Jim Bourne

2002   Paul Sellers    

2001   Howard Anderson

2000    Frankie Woods

1999    Wilson Freeland

1998    Phillip Jones

1997    Spencer Howes

1996    David Cox

1995    Leroy Bowen

1994    Richard Smith

1993    John A. Prouty

1992    John D. Briscoe

1991    No one chosen

1990    John Crane

1989    No one chosen

1988    Cassandra Briscoe

1987    Walt and Susie Wells

1986    Thomas Weems

1985    Robert Carter

1984    Allen Swann

1983    Timothy Gott

1982    Thomas Cullember

1981    Richard Horsmon

1980    J. Kenneth Hutchins, Jr.

1979    Daniel W. Gibson

1978    Robert Hance and Benjamin Hance

1977    Edward J. Allen         

1976    Raymond Hutchins

1975    Clifton Whittington

1974    Thomas I. Weems, Jr.

1973    James Bourne 

1972    Leroy B. Williams

1971    Malcolm Gordon Grahame

1970   Kennard Ward

1969   Raymond Garrity

1968   Edwin Ward

1967   Young D. Hance

1966   William M. Phipps

1965   Dennis Monnett

1964   Gilbert Chaney

1963   Benjamin Parran

1962   Alvin King

1961   Billy Bowen