CETY was established in 1996 to provide funding to support youth and environmental activities. Through financial support of both private and public sectors the Trust offers grants for qualified activities proposed by educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, community and civic groups, and other trust organizations interested in promoting the welfare and revitalization of our youth and environment.

CETY was able to support all eight applicants in 2022 and sponsored $22,031 in youth projects. Check out their successful projects in the CETY Annual Report!

2022 CETY Report

The 2023 CETY Annual Report will be available in February 2024.

To apply for a grant, download and complete the application below. The deadline for proposal submission is January 31 of each year. Proposals are reviewed in February and approved grants will receive their check by the end of February. All applicants will be notified in writing of the outcome of their proposal.

Applicants applying for small sums may apply at any time and approved on a case-by-case basis.


Walter Wells, President

Thomas Briscoe, Vice President

David A. Cox, Treasurer

Leonard Ogden, Director

Chris Dowell, Director

Brian Stupak, Director

Linda Subda, Director

Rebecca Willis, Director

Benson Tiralla, Director

Eileen Beard, Interim Secretary


Calvert County Commissioners

Calvert Soil Conservation District

Baltimore Gas & Electric

Constellation Energy Group

Coastal Design & Construction

Dominion Cove Point LNG

Engh Family Ltd. Partnership

The Gott Company

Home Depot

Marrick Properties, Inc.


Southern Maryland RC&D